The YGM Group has its roots in the introduction of an electronic payments platform to Indian Dairy Co-operatives that was first introduced in 1997. From this simple beginning we have quickly established a strong reputation in the rural sector of India as a world class, value added services provider – specialising in payment services and transaction based banking for emerging markets.


Today YGM are a preferred supplier to HDFC, a leading private sector bank in India and together are building a high growth business venture that provides safe, secure and cost effective payments services and transaction based banking to rural communities in India.


The YGM business approach provides a relevant solution to the global trend of communities around the world moving away from cash-based economies to increasing use of electronic payments. This is particularly the case in rural India and offers a major opportunity and benefit to all in the community - consumers, businesses, banks, retailers and other suppliers/producers.


YGM value proposition is built on a unique process solution called TONTO™ which has the ability to electronically and in real time convert inputs from producers (e.g. dairy farmers milk, sugar cane producers, crop farmers), into bank account credits. This unique process enables effective and efficient support of the bank partners in opening bank accounts in multiple rural locations.


It also allows the set up and operation of viable rural customer access points that provide full banking and financial services, without the high cost of setting up a traditional bank branch.